Transitive verb.
Word created by Deklan E. Mills & Dr. Simon E. Mills. © 2018. All rights reserved.

: to combine specific events (usually in threes) that lead to an outcome (procoction™)

: to get his book published required a procoction of 1: writing a great book, 2: having the book discovered by a publisher through a friend's recommendation, and 3: the publisher overhearing that another publisher was interested in the work, thereby creating demand.

Prococter™ (noun)
: somebody or something that creates a procoction

Procoction™ (noun)
: being able to meet that celebrity was due to an unlikely procoction

Prococtive™ (adjective)
: those three events were prococtive in nature.

Prococtant™ (noun)
: any one element of a procoction.

Prococtionist™ (noun)
: a perons who facilitates procoction consistently, intentionally, or professionally.